Asphalt Driveway Paving and Repair Services In Tampa, FL

Asphalt Driveway Paving and Repair Services in Tampa

Asphalt driveway paving and driveway repair is a specialty service that we offer at Tampa Paving Contractors. We have been in the business of driveway paving since 1987, and our driveway paving services are second to none. Our team has many years of experience with asphalt driveway repairs and driveway resurfacing, so we can fix any problem you may be having. If you need new asphalt for your driveway or if your driveway needs a complete makeover, then hire us today!

The Asphalt Advantage

Asphalt is made up of a number of different substances, but the most common is a mixture of sand, gravel, and bitumen. It is commonly used in driveway paving and driveway repair because it is inexpensive, strong, durable, long-wearing, flexible (won’t crack or split), and most of all, it provides good traction. Asphalt paving is a great choice because it lasts for years and withstands even the harshest weather conditions, such as rainstorms and snowfalls.

Here are just a few advantages of using asphalt for your driveway:

Driveway paving provides a smooth and safe surface to drive on

Asphalt blacktop offers a smooth surface with superior traction, making sure that your car tires are protected and safe.

A fresh layer of blacktop can revive the appearance of your driveway without expensive or extensive work to be done. In some cases, a simple asphalt sealant may do the trick in keeping your pavement looking brand new for years to come.

Driveway paving is cost-effective

One of the reasons why asphalt is a popular option among homeowners is because it is affordable. The average cost of asphalt driveway paving is between $15 and $30 per square foot, which is significantly less than other driveway paving materials such as concrete. Hence, for a driveway paving that will last for years, the initial investment is worth it.

Asphalt paving requires little maintenance

Another great thing about asphalt driveway pavements is that they require very little maintenance in order to keep them looking their best. All you need to do on a regular basis is sweep up any leaves or other debris and hose off your driveway (don’t use harsh chemicals!) to keep it looking great.

An asphalt driveway adds curb appeal

Many homeowners choose driveway paving with asphalt because it can increase the value of their home and make it look more attractive, which will lead to a higher resale value if they decide to sell it in the future. Additionally, it also adds charm and character, while serving as an investment that pays off in the long run.

Driveway resurfacing with asphalt can be done in just one day

If you’re looking for driveway resurfacing, then asphalt is a great option. Asphalt driveway repair and driveway resurfacing can be completed in one day because it is an easy process that doesn’t require any major construction or demolition tasks to get the job done!

Driveway resurfacing is done to remove old driveway paving materials and to provide a fresh surface for the new material. It’s a better alternative to getting a thoroughly new driveway because resurfacing is less expensive than a full replacement plus you can continue to use your driveway even during the time of construction.

Asphalt driveway resurfacing in Tampa can be done by pouring hot asphalt on top of your existing driveway to add a new surface or you can remove all the pavement from the driveway first and then replace it with an entire layer of fresh hot asphalt.

Our professionals are able to do either job quickly and efficiently so that you’ll have a brand-new-looking driveway regardless of what type of surface material you choose!


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Driveway Paving Expertly Done by Professionals

Asphalt paving is our passion at Tampa Paving Contractors. We take pride in educating people about the many benefits of asphalt and want to share with you how we can get your vehicle’s best friend back on track!

Driveway Installation

We love the excitement and anticipation that comes with an asphalt paving installation. And we are passionate about delivering professional asphalting services to both commercial property owners and residential homeowners. So please, take a look at this step-by-step overview of what we can do as your local paving contractor — from the demolition of your old, worn-down driveway all the way through repairing and polishing your newly installed asphalt surface!


Demolition removes any old or deteriorating surface that lies underneath the new pavement installation – this includes dirt paths and lawns for residential homeowners as well as concrete floors for commercial property owners.

Excavation / Asphalt Milling

After the removal of all pre-existing surfaces, a subgrade preparation area will be excavated so there are no areas for potholes where water pools and break down the soil beneath (this also ensures proper drainage). Additionally, this excavation process pulls up existing gravel and aggregate materials from below to create an even, smooth layer for the new driveway.

Preparing the Sub-base

Next, we mill/crack the surface of your driveway to create a porous surface that will allow water and air to flow in order to prevent small cracks from forming later on down the road. We then grade and level out this newly created subgrade before adding our asphalt binder mix as well as the aggregate materials.

Adding the Surface Binder

The final layer of this driveway construction project is an asphalt surface binder that seals in all these layers and prevents any water from seeping through to create cracks or potholes on your driveway! We then seal everything with a high-quality, stone chip overlay before sending you off with a beautiful new driveway that will last for many years to come!

Install the New Asphalt Pavement

Once the supportive base structures of this new driveway are installed, we finish it out with an even coat of freshly laid asphalt that will provide both drivers and residential homeowners with a safe finish while also ensuring everyone’s safety from potholes and other potential dangers lurking below!


We love the excitement and anticipation that comes with an asphalt paving installation. And we are passionate about delivering professional asphalting services to both commercial property owners and residential homeowners. So please, take a look at this step-by-step overview of what we can do as your local paving contractor — from the demolition of your old, worn-down driveway all the way through repairing and polishing your newly installed asphalt surface!

Asphalt Maintenance & Driveway Repair for Homes

Driveways with asphalt are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to get your pavement back on track. All you need are some high-grade materials and equipment that we can offer, a little bit of time, and an experienced crew like ours at Tampa Paving Contractors!


Patching is an effective quick fix to make the most out of asphalt pavement that has deteriorated in a localized area. Patch repairs are quick, inexpensive fixes for potholes and can last up until full depth replacement becomes necessary. Pothole repairs should be done as soon they appear so safety hazards don’t arise or vehicle damage occurs from striking them repeatedly over time.

Grind & Seal

We grind down any driveway’s surface that has become pitted or is too rough, then seal it with a fresh layer of top-quality pavement material like our high-quality sealcoating! Our driveway repair process ensures your driveway will be smooth and safe.

This driveway repair process is especially beneficial for those areas of your driveway that are in need of resurfacing or reconstruction due to the presence of potholes and other damage-causing factors like tree roots, water pooling, etc.

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Crack Repair

What are the benefits of crack patching? It’s fast and affordable — not to mention it can be applied to asphalt driveways and asphalt parking lots to stop the spread of cracks.

For small cracks like hairline cracks, we will fill the holes with a mix of asphalt and stone. For larger cracks, we will use a cold patch to fill the holes with tar material that is then covered in sand aggregate before being sealed off with hot or liquid asphalt binder.

Full Depth Replacement

For a driveway with severe structural issues like cracked pavement and a heavily compromised sub-base, we recommend doing a full depth driveway replacement instead of more costly and time-consuming driveway repair projects. This driveway repair process will involve removing the old driveway, ensuring a proper drainage system, and replacing it with a new driveway that’s made of a stronger asphalt mix.

Why You Should Choose Us As Your Local Paving Contractor

Knowledge & Expertise

We have the knowledge and expertise to install and pave your driveway for you. Our team is comprised of licensed professionals who are experts in driveway resurfacing, driveway repair, and driveway sealing services.

Affordable Prices + Top-Quality Materials

We offer competitive pricing on top-quality materials like our asphalt paving services in Tampa Florida! We want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck so we use high-quality materials at affordable.

Decades of Experience

We have been in this industry for decades, and we are always researching and developing innovative resurfacing, driveway repair, and driveway sealing solutions to deliver the best paving services to every Tampa Bay homeowner.

If you need new asphalt or if your driveway needs a complete makeover then contact us today! You won’t be disappointed with the quality workmanship that we offer at Tampa Paving Contractors.

No Job is Too Big or Small

We have a variety of paving projects available for both commercial property owners and homeowners who are in need of asphalt paving services whether it is a parking lot or a simple home improvement project, you can always count on us to perform our best and do an excellent job for your asphalt or concrete pavement to be able to compete with the toughest Tampa Bay terrain!

We are experts in pavement resurfacing or replacement, driveway repair, driveway sealing services as well as concrete or asphalt paving services for Tampa Bay residents who need these types of projects completed on their property.

Fully Insured & Licensed Professionals

Tampa Paving Contractors is fully insured and licensed to perform driveway repair and driveway sealing services for commercial property owners. We are also fully insured, licensed, and equipped to install your driveway or resurface it so you don’t have any worries about the quality of our workmanship!

We Are Your Local Experts

No matter what type of paving project we’ll be installing for you, you can rest assured that it will be done quickly and professionally. We are your local driveway paving experts, so let us pave or resurface your driveway today!

We want your driveway looking its best!

In Tampa, driveway paving can be a complicated process to learn and understand.

There are different types of driveway materials available for purchase, as well as driveway resurfacing techniques that you may want to use on your driveway.

Tampa Paving Contractors is the only company in town that has been providing asphalt paving services for decades! We have years of experience installing and repairing driveways and parking lots across all areas of Tampa Bay. That’s why we’re able to provide excellent customer service every step of the way — from initial consultation through project completion!

No matter how big or small your paving needs are, our team will get it done quickly with top-quality material at an affordable price point.

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