The Tampa Museum of Art: See the Impressive Collections in Tampa, Florida

The Tampa Museum of Art is one of Tampa’s most popular attractions. Located in Tampa, Florida, this museum offers a variety of collections that are sure to satisfy any art enthusiast. It features many different exhibitions and programs that will leave you amazed at the beauty and creativity found in so many pieces. For those who have not yet been able to visit this Tampa attraction, here is some information on what awaits you when you do. Information can be found here.

The Tampa Museum of Art is a popular Tampa destination for art enthusiasts and historians. It exhibits the work of many artists from around the world, as well as its extensive permanent collection. The Tampa Museum of Art was established in 1924 to preserve regional arts heritage; it has been doing so since then by welcoming visitors with six galleries and one outdoor sculpture garden that frames Tampa Bay’s skyline. Visitors can explore exhibitions or collections on display like European painting, African masks, photography from Cuba, modern ceramics, textiles from India and Southeast Asia. See here for information about Fun for the Whole Family at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo.

This impressive collection contains an extensive arts library with more than 11000 volumes; it also has permanent holdings from around the world including Egyptian antiquities dating back 4000 years ago. The galleries include three floors and five exhibition spaces which are highlighted with natural light. If you are looking for something in particular, there is a good chance that the Tampa Museum of Art will have it!